21st October, 3 Black Grouse, 2 miles along the road to Gatehouse of Fleet.

4th December, lovely to see a Woodpecker and a Jay sharing the same feeder.

6th March, Golden Eagle seen flying above Grobdale.

7th April, Golden Eagle soaring between Grobdale and Lochenbreck

3rd May, our male Oyster Catcher has a mate after two lonely years.

30th May, Oyster Catcher has laid 3 eggs.

7th June, watching 4 cuckoos in the field behind the Byre.

20th June, dog walking round Lochenbreck and saw an Osprey fishing in the loch. 3 dummy dives and then splash, a trout caught first time.

21st June, only one Oyster Catcher has hatched, the other two eggs were abandoned. The single chick is doing fine!

13th August, just watched a brilliant meteorite display last night. A couple with big telescopes are staying in the Byre and they gave us a crash course on star gazing. The Milky Way stretched from horizon to horizon and it was an amazing sight. We gave up at midnight but I wished I had stayed up longer, perhaps tonight. Many of our clients star gaze unit 3am. and I can now understand why!

7th September, just disturbed a male black grouse on the field adjacent to the Byre. Fantastic.